Group of companies "OPUS"

We propose to create stylish and functional interior by supplying high-tech building materials to the market and providing professional services throughout the Russian Federation.


Group of companies "OPUS" is a fast-growing
company dedicated to long-term
strategic cooperation with partners,
built on the principles of mutual respect,
unconditional fulfillment of the obligations,
honesty, business transparency and observance of
mutual benefit.


Our mission is to create a stylish and functional interiors in homes
and public areas through supplying high-tech finishing materials to the market and providing professional services throughout the Russian Federation.


We are the largest distributor of floor coatings.

Since 2014 the company "OPUS TD" is part of international holding B.I.G. (Beaulieu International Group)

Our main partners are shops of building materials, specialized retail,
DIY chains, construction and accessory companies. Wide range of floor coatings allows to realize any interior designs in different price ranges:

  • Сommercial and household linoleum IDEAL, 
    Juteks, Beauflor
  • Carpeting IDEAL, Kalinka, Domo, 
    Condor, Balta 
  • Laminate IDEAL, BerryAlloc, Aberhof, Kronostar, Classen, Kronospan
  • Wooden board Aberhof, Karelia, 
    Upofloor, PolarWood
  • Vinyl tile BerryAlloc
  • Cork coverings Aberhof
  • Bristly coverings Baltturf
  • Liquid-coating CleanWill, Vebe
  • Cellular rubber mats CleanWill
  • Baseboards and carpet pads BerryAlloc, Aberhof, Arbiton, Tuplex
  • Care products and laying materials IDEAL, Homakoll, Forbo
  • Thresholds и shapes BerryAlloc, Aberhof, Russky profil
Our partners

IDEAL, Beauflor, Juteks, BerryAlloc, Aberhof, CleanWill, Kronostar, Classen, Kronospan, Karelia, PolarWood, Vebe and others
Household line


Contract line is one of the priority and rapidly developing in the group of companies "OPUS".

The company "OPUS-contract"  not only supply finish materials
for commercial buildings, but also offers
integrated solutions for spaces of
different types:

  • Office buildings and business centers
  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Casinos and private clubs
  • Cinema and conference halls
  • Health care and education facilities
In our range:

  • Linoleum
  • standard and individual design carpeting
  • wall coverings and flameproof textiles
  • Raised floor and dirt protection system,
ie all the materials with special
characteristics for using in public spaces.

Our partners

Tarkett, Forbo, Beaulieu International Group, Condor Group, ULSTER Carpets, Anker, Muraspec, Lindner, Len Tex and others
Contract line


ONE of the most dynamically developing directions in the group of companies "OPUS". WE are ONE OF THE LARGEST Wallpapers and elements of décor DISTRIBUTORs on the market, has established itself as a reliable partner for the dealers. UNDER THE DECORATIVE DIRECTION company develops its own retail network STUDIOS of INTERIOR design ARTVILL, which is represented in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Novosibirsk and Voronezh.

Today the company represents exclusive
Wallpaper Collections of leading manufacturers, as well as
best American furniture, lighting and accessories brands
expanding the range of European brands. Brands with an excellent reputation, range, optimized for the needs of customers, training workshops and master classes enable our dealers to stay abreast of the latest trends in interior design and do successful business.

We are not afraid to experiment, we always move forward, developing together with our customer. During the year, our team travels around the world, visiting all the major professional exhibitions in search of new partners, trends, and ideas that’s why we can offer you all the best. We are one of the few companies in the world, which is given the right to represent exclusively English traditional wallcoverings Lincrusta, which history began in 1877.

Our partners

Lincrusta, Dessau Home, Aura, Wesley Hall, Leathercraft, Vanguard, Bernhardt, Currey & Co, Fine Art Lamps, York Wallcoverings, Majestic Mirrors, и другие
Decorative line

OPUS today

We are six branch offices in Voronezh, Samara, Irkutsk, Novosibirsk, Ekaterinburg, Khabarovsk, Krasnodar, Moskva

branch offices

Top management – 15 employees

Back office – 130 employees

Warehouse – 120 employees

Sales department – 180 employees, including:

  • Household line – 80 employees
  • Contract line – 70 employees
  • Decorative line - 30 employees